Community Residential Supports

CHI offers residential services including support with medical appointments and health issues, activities of daily living (ADLs), opportunities to try new things, meet new people and live a life with meaning and purpose.

Each person who is supported at CHI participates in crafting an Annual Individual Plan (IP) which outlines how supports and services will be delivered. Although the formal IP process happens annually, changes, modifications, and adjustments can be made as each person reaches or exceeds his/her individually designed personal goals.  We know that people are dynamic, ever-changing and growing and we realize that our work is not done until each person is satisfied.

Residential Supports include:

  • Accessible housing (with environmental modifications, as needed).

  • Transportation to and from self-selected community based activities, events, and household errands. Accessing local public transportation and/or supporting the use of community transportation resources is emphasized.

  • Individualized support and assistance with maintaining good health and wellness (including medical support by trained RNs, medication administration, first aid and emergency response, meal planning, and diet management).

  • Assistance, coordination and individualized support with medical appointments.

  • Individualized management of finances (including steps to establishing good personal credit, paying bills, establishing and maintaining good spending habits, living within a personal budget and personal money management skills).

  • Individualized support and assistance with developing household skills including, meal planning, grocery shopping, and preparation, cleaning, laundry, etc.).

  • Individualized support and assistance with personal care. (Including bathing, grooming, maintaining personal hygiene, clothing selection, etc.).

  • Individualized support and assistance to build healthy relationships with family, friends, neighbors, and associates.

  • Support, coordinate, and facilitate a variety of community based recreational, social, educational and religious activities.

  • Foster opportunities for self-advocacy and self-expression. (including assistance and support to develop problem solving skills and strategies).

Ready to find out more?

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