Meet Jean Lozama

Jean Lozama has been employed with Employment Supports for 21 years.  For many of those of those years, he worked part-time as a Stocker and Bagger at Giant and as a custodian on a crew. In 2017, Jean took a part-time evening custodial job at a Montgomery County Courthouse. Within 4 months, he was promoted to the full-time position of Day Porter. He was responsible for maintaining the offices and restrooms of Judges, Attorneys, and Bailiffs in the 150,000 square foot building until the contracts end.  Jean has shown remarkable growth. As a person, he has the developed a desire to work and make his own living and as an employee, he has developed a strong work ethic that helped him garner a promotion within a short period time. With his dedication and hard work, Jean has proven that his disability has not hindered his ability to earn a competitive wage that allows him to live a productive and enjoyable lifestyle.