CHI Inclement Weather Policy


The purpose of this policy and procedure is to establish and clearly articulate steps employees should take during inclement weather. CHI recognizes that inclement weather and other emergencies can affect the company’s ability to open for business and the employee’s ability to get to work. The safety of our employees is paramount in any emergency. No policy can cover every potential emergency, so this policy covers the most common situations. Fortunately, emergencies and inclement weather days are infrequent, but here are the guidelines for when they occur.

Day Services:



If Montgomery County Public Schools are closed, then Day Services are closed for Individuals in the Day Programs and for Individuals who work in Supported Employment community-based janitorial Contract Services. Employees are to report to work at their regular time if Montgomery County Public Schools are closed.

Employees in Employment & Day will be allocated to Contracts and Residential Group Homes. These employees are to report directly to their pre-assigned inclement weather locations. Employees who do not report to work must notify their Coordinators/Directors as soon as possible and must use leave without pay unless they had pre-authorized leave scheduled within approved time-frames.

If the Federal Government is closed, then CHI is closed to Individuals and Staff. Employment and Day staff will be paid without being charged leave when the Federal Government is closed for Inclement Weather.

Direct Support Professionals may not work from home during inclement weather.




If Montgomery County Public Schools or the Federal Government are delayed for any length of time, CHI Day Services will open on time. Employees report to work at their regular time when Montgomery County Public Schools and/or the Federal Government has a delay.



Residential Services:


Weather conditions may require mandatory overtime resulting in the employee sleeping overnight at the group home in which they are assigned. In such cases, employees are expected to clock out during sleeping hours and clock in during the start of the next morning shift. Employees will not be paid for sleeping hours. Employees in Residential Services should contact their Coordinator or Director regarding their shift.



Non-Exempt Staff (Hourly):


When a non-exempt employee chooses not to report to work when Montgomery County Public Schools is closed due to inclement weather, the employee must inform his/her Coordinator/Director regarding his/her absence as soon as possible and must use leave without pay. Non-exempt staff are not eligible to work from home.

Exempt Staff (Salaried):


Salaried employees who wish to work from home during inclement weather should contact their Supervisor/Director and receive approval from their Supervisor/Director. Salaried employees who do not wish to report to work during inclement weather and do not wish to work from home may not use sick or annual leave for that time.


Employee Responsibility:

On the morning of Inclement Weather, employees should follow one of the steps listed below to ensure they receive information regarding weather closings and delays. Employees should then refer to the CHI Inclement Weather Policy to determine which status best fits them based on the closings or delays. Employees should also check for updates throughout the morning as the weather updates change regularly – from delays to closings.

On the morning of Inclement Weather, employees should:

  1. Watch your local news to receive inclement weather updates.

  2. Listen to your local radio stations to receive inclement weather updates.

  3. Visit the website for your local TV and Radio stations to receive updates.

  4. Call the main number at Hillandale Center (301-445-3350) and listen to the recording on the answering machine regarding the schedule for the day. The recording should be updated no later than 7:00 a.m.

  5. At any time, employees can register on “Alert Montgomery.” The Alert Montgomery System provides accurate and immediate emergency notifications from Montgomery County to your cell, work, or home phones via text, email, or voice message. You will receive notifications about emergencies that may affect your home, workplace, child’s school, or any other locations within Montgomery County, Maryland: