About Us

Who We Are

CHI, Inc. is a not-for-profit service provider, founded in 1948, that supports individuals with intellectual and other developmental disabilities. CHI, Inc. offers a variety of supports and services such as: Competitive Employment, Community Residential, Day Supports, Personal Supports and Employment Supports that support individuals with intellectual other developmental disabilities to live, work and engage with the community around them.

Our Mission & Values

Breaking through barriers for every person to contribute, connect and lead lives they choose. 

Breaking through Barriers: CHI creates opportunities for the people we support with their involvement and considering their interests for working, volunteering and how they spend leisure time or their retirement years. We strive for each person we support to have a valued role in the community, where there unique talents, gifts and abilities are recognized and shared with other members of the community.  If someone isn’t sure about what interests them, we introduce them to new possibilities and help them seek new experiences that develop their interests, which in turn informs their choices. 

Our distinct core beliefs advance our mission every day. We believe:

  • Every person is a valued person who has the right to be treated respectfully and has an active voice in choosing what happens in their life.

  • Every person deserves recognition as a person first and to not be defined and labeled by any limitations.

  • We develop our staff to facilitate excellent quality supports for every person.

  • We are about lifting limits and creating opportunities that would otherwise not exist.

  • Our work will only be complete when each person with disabilities is living the life they choose.